Location Balatonfüred
Client Gábor Horváth
Floor area 80 000 m2
General design MCXVI Architects
Leading architect designer Gábor Szokolyai
Architect designers János Szlovák, Anna Kormányos, Csaba Bajusz
Visualization Viktor Fretyán
Project phase Concept
Project year 2010

The „Balaton Riviera” was named after its special microclimate. The winds arriving from Balaton-felvidék refresh Balatonfüred and change the air of the lake and the city. It’s a healing place because of the pure, dust-free air and the thermal water.

Balatonfüred is a thriving centre for sailing. Ports and sailing yachts are part of the cityscape.

These two elements, namely the wind and the sail, were used as the inspiration in the formative composition of the building complex.

The highlands of Balaton-felvidék and the towers of the large hotels are decisive in the city contour. In this context, we tried to balance the mass of the previously built hotels with the towers of the planned hotel and apartment and to raise it to a landmark element with a more organic appearance then the existing buildings.