The MCXVI Architects was founded in 2001 by five members of the XVIth Master’s College of Architecture. The name originates from here: MasterCourse XVI (MCXVI). In all the years since then, during the numerous design works of ours, we tried to preserve the spirit of the Master’s College. Currently, László Herczeg and Gábor Szokolyai, founders and leading architect designers, are in charge of the studio.

We consider architecture as our mission and we believe that the built environment can contribute fundamentally to the quality of human life. We intend to incorporate all technical, financial, legal and architectural aspects into our design but we are also striving not to lose the real value of architecture, the greatness of creation, the responsibility for the community and the importance of a liveable, human scale.
We interpret architecture in its complexity from the scale of urban design, buildings, interiors design to the products of industrial design and fine arts. This enables the buildings to become a coherent whole. The multiple levels of detailing not only enriches our architecture but also make it (as we hope) lovable and successful with multiple ways of interpretation.

Design process
It is important for us to prepare the technical details and architectural program before starting the design of a building. This can serve as the foundation for the future phases of the design.
During the concept design, we analyse the location, the building regulations and the possibilities of construction on the site. We create the optimal solution in a symmetrical relation together with the client.
The quality of the building depends on both its spatial and technical properties. We strive to create construction plans which are rational, easy-to-build and use modern, up-to-date solutions. The expertise of many highly qualified engineer specialists helps us in achieving this goal.

Budget analysis
We continuously check the estimated budget of the project during the design process from the concept to construction plan phase. The budget is made more accurate parallel with the development of the technical content of the plans.

BIM Design
Our office is capable of creating full BIM documentation with the lead of our BIM certified colleague.

Educational activities
Our architecture studio is accredited for internship by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME). We involve our interns in real design projects to provide them with useful and real-life experience. We always welcome motivated and fresh thinking new members in our team.
Our leading architect designers are present at the architecture higher education as correctors, as opponents and as members of the diploma boards.


2023 BIG SEE Interior Design Award MVM Dome
2019 The 30 best Hungarian buildings of the decade Zsolnay Cultural Quarter
BIG SEE Architecture Award Private House in Budapest
2015 A Award III. Gábor Szokolyai
2013 Pro Architectura László Herczeg
ICOMOS Prize László Herczeg – Zsolnay Cultural Quarter
Fiabci Award and Fiabci Silver Medal Zsolnay Cultural Quarter
Brick Award Top 50 Zsolnay Cultural Quarter
2012 Szendrői Jenő Prize László Herczeg
Architecture Award for Media Zsolnay Cultural Quarter
2011 Molnár Péter Prize László Herczeg
2007 Saint-Gobain Trophy III. Gábor Szokolyai – BL Yachtclub