Location Siófok
Client Municipality of Siófok
Floor area 12 000 m2
General design MCXVI Architects
Architect designers Tamás Mórocz, Gábor Szokolyai
Project phase Design competition, Finalist
Project year 2010

Plots are located on the border of two settlement structure characters with the building of the bread factory. Between an unbuilt and a suburban area. The planned building form a wall, while remaining differentiated. The internal functions can be clearly traced from outside masses.
The concept is reinforced by the unity of the garden and the building complex. The former can be given the same educational function as the building itself.
The installation is continued in the axis of the building of the bread factory. It is not built on the factory itself, basically left in its original mass and atmosphere. Exceptions are the ’belvedere’ cafe at the top of the flour mill. The advantage of this idea is that it does not have to impose any weight ratios, structures or functions. A clear situation arises from an architectural and construction point of view.
The three building blocks that satisfy the entire program are connected with a central lobby placed on an underground level, from which all the main functions are available at the first and second stages. Another advantage of creating Level -1 is that it also reduces the height of surface buildings.
Despite the rational editing, the plan seeks to give a distinctly exciting space experience in the interiors. Light is used as a determining yet basically architectural tool. New buildings, with the use of transparent surfaces, express lightness and openness.



320° Art, Educational and Technical Centre Design Competition – Építészfórum.hu (HU)