Location Pécs
Client Aquaprofit Zrt.
Floor area 800 m2
General design MCXVI Architects
Architect designers László Herczeg, Tamás Vörös
Project phase Preliminary design
Project year 2015


Balokány, Balukanya name first appeared in 1701 in a document in Pécs. Here it is indicated as a place where a mill was standing.
In 1810 the area was used also, as a clay pit, the pottery industry has grown up as well. As the watertight clay layer was fertilized, springs were sprung up on the surface.
In 1836, the lake was reorganized, the dirty and clean waters were separated from each other, so it was served both for drinking and bathing. At this time, the idea to set up a swimming pool that was situated to the south-east of the lake was born.
The first bath was established in 1857 by Adolf Engel.
In 1886 a new bath was built in the old one’s place. While the railway was built leading across the lake, the final shape of Balokany was formed. With the bath built in 1886, the area was converted into a park.
It preserved its shape until the 1930s, and in 1933 the most modern public bath was built, whose buildings, although in a very degraded state, are still present. After World War II, the lake’s territory became a bath and served as a city beach until it was closed in 1993.


Existing and planned status

The unit of baths, with the existing buildings, became part of the cultural heritage in the 1990’s.
The area is bearer of every trace of the dereliction of the last 25 years.

The owner of the territory, Aquaprofit Zrt. is engaged in water research, water related developments, mineral water, bath and tourism development. The company intends to build an entire innovation centre and offices in this area. The building would be complemented by a traditionally featured spa, which could be a good practice ground for water-related developments in the company. Due to the relatively small size of the plot, a water world and an adventure bath would be built primarily for children.
In parallel with the establishment of the building complex, the city of Pécs intends to renew the park of Balokány.

József Madas: A pécsi Balokány