Location Balatonalmádi
Client Pelso Estate Kft.
Floor area 1 200 m2
General design MCXVI Architects
Architect designer Gábor Szokolyai, Ágota Demeter
Architect Csaba Bajusz
Project phase Invitational design competition
Project year 2013

The school, built in the 1960s, has a familiar atmosphere. The long-abandoned building is looking for its new function. The existing school building is not part of the city centre, it is fitting in a resort area. It is a freestanding, sunny house with a distinctive mood, but it is in a weather-beaten condition.

The whole building complex was put on a covered-open pergola as a tire. Thus, an airier, brighter, more student-friendly court was born than before. With demolition, the U-shaped installation was designed for an L-shaped apartment building and a separate community house
We considered the relationship between the building and the garden important. The green environment surrounds the house, it is important to complement each other in both their usability and ambience.

The church-owned building does not want to strive for direct sacredness, it reflects and represents the church’s spirituality in a very clear and clean way having its spiritual and natural roots in the Church itself.

Space functions can be freely interchangeable – the dining room, floor training room, chapel, yard and garden can be used in many ways.
The window shutters give an easy architectural character to this school, built according to raster principles. It indicates on the façade that it is no longer a school but a lodging. Open and closed shutter states are following their internal use. In a tightly edited facade look, it always gives a little playfulness.
We thought of planting a lavender field as a characteristic garden element. This is now considered to be an authentic country plant. From spring to autumn the flowering is beautiful and requires little care. In the shadowed backs of the garden, mint, lemon grass, sage and basil would be planted in parcels.

We also tried to design the garden and the building so that we could leave it alone during the off-season and require minimal operation. With the window-shutters it can be fully enclosed in a “sleep” state. Garden plants selected by this criterias require minimal care.