Location Budapest, Clark Ádám tér
Client Unione-Clark Kft.
Floor area 4 000 m2
Interior design MCXVI Architects
Leading interior designer Gábor Szokolyai
Interior designer Balázs Szelecsényi
Visualization Ádám Vesztergom
Project phase Invitational interior design competition
Project year 2015

The unique characteristic of the hotel is the view from the rooms. There is no such thing anywhere in the world. This should be utilized as much as possible in the concept of rooms. The panoramic view of the glass facade is further widened by covering the side wall of the room with glass. The resulting reflections make it possible to incorporate parts into the sight that would not be revealed in the general picture otherwise. The result is a mix of real and reflective illusion in a room-sized panoramic image.

The irradiance of the Danube also inspired our poets, and many of the poems of the river were born, which, with lyrical lightness and extreme drama, formulate the Hungarian spirit. The “Danube poems” varying from room to room, provide a literary experience, and the decorative character of their typography contributes to the aesthetics of the room.

Marketers believe that a hotel can be successful if it has a “story” or a personality. In our case, the keywords are evident: Budapest, Chain Bridge, Danube. The task is to express these by interior design and graphic processing. We work on specific details, from subjective points of view, enlargement, and coloristic perception.

The bar, designed on the top of the Clark Hotel, has probably one of the most special roof terraces and spactacles of Budapest. In order to emphasize the panorama, the built-in elements (such as elevator, bar and stairs) are positioned in the middle of the interior space so that the areas adjacent to the glass surfaces can remain free. The cylindrical elements are in line with the direction of the inner space and the urban view.