Location Budapest
Client Wing Zrt.
Floor area 55 000 m2
General design Konstruma Mérnöki Iroda Kft.
Leading architect designers prof. Lázár Antal DLA, dr. Oláh M. Zoltán, László Szerdahelyi
Interior design MCXVI Architects
Leading interior designer Gábor Szokolyai
Interior designers Orsolya Almer,  Melinda Borsos, Linda Erdélyi, Ádám Schiller, Veronika Somogyi, Áron Török, Mónika Weichinger
Status Completed
Project year 2007

Typical elements of the interior spaces of classical university buildings are the pictures and busts of professors in the lobby, graduation photo collages and showcases in the corridors, murals and ornaments on the walls of the hall, etc. Many times these applied and fine artworks make more intense emotional attachment to the building than to the space itself. We have tried to emphasize this effect in the concept of the interior spaces of the New Building of the Corvinus University.
Another main principle was that it is very difficult to orientate in such a huge building. It is full of corridors, staircases and the floors are very similar to each other. We thought that this problem could be remedied by creating memorable, recognizable spaces. The key for this can be to use graphic and design elements. Graphic glass of different professors can be seen on the seminar corridors of every floor. Therefore, it is possible for students to identify themselves exactly where they are and at the same time they get acquainted with their predecessors, which also strengthens their university identity. We designed unique furniture in the corridors and community spaces, which in addition to the sitting function, also fulfil an infographic role. Their use of colours undermines the university’s tight mood and they strengthen the campus character as meeting points.



Budapest Corvinus University, Interior Design – Építészfó (HU)