Location Budapest, Czuczor utca
Client Corvinus University of Budapest
Floor area 5 600 m2
General design MCXVI Architects
Leading architect designer László Herczeg
Architect designer Gergely Galántai, Zsófia Paál, Dániel Szabó
Visualization Tamás Vörös DLA, Dániel Szabó
Status Design competition
Project year 2017

The design program of the student housing tends to taper the tiny plot. However, the urban density and economy around it can justify its legitimacy. Quality compression of the program elements can provide a solution. We began to process the design program as a mathematical equation. At the same time, we investigated the still usable per capita living space and the possibilities of construction in relation to the surrounding environment. We used the connectivity of adjacent courtyards. Approximately 130 rooms are rationally compressed, with good orientation and by opening the street tract in two directions. By examining the program, larger dining rooms, and public spaces were designed on every floor. We have attached large terraces to the public spaces of all levels. The double rooms (for couples or friends) were narrowed to minimum and this was solved by reinventing the window booths as personal spaces. The plasticity of the façade is shaped by this varied use. The dark zone of the ground floor was illuminated by a small atrium garden. At the roof top we placed a public terrace with shade-giving roof. The total capacity of the building is 260 (266) spaces in 134 rooms and 4 additional apartments for professors.

The main facade of the building is composed by the personal space boxes projecting from the facade, which also humanize its appearance. Czuczor street is relatively narrow, the facade has a north-western orientation, the rooms are almost never lit by direct sun. However, on the interior facade, which is sunny with south-eastern orientation, only large openings are necessary. The industrial character of the main façade the use of the birch brick evokes the industrial history of the incorporation of the area.