Location Budafok
Client Private client
Floor area 160 m2
General design MCXVI Architects
Leading architect designer Gábor Szokolyai
Architect designers Orsolya Almer, Linda Erdélyi
Status Completed
Project year 2005

The construction took up to two and a half months from the first “cut-off” to the delivery. Maybe it’s a kind of a record. It must be noted that the client is the leader of a great  construction company. Thanks to the excellent organization and material knowledge a lot of time was saved.

This house is the result of quick decisions. The client decided to buy this little plot in Budafok. The goal was to create a design that the builder can build without the risk of a break. Thanks to practical and prompt decisions of the client, this has also succeeded.

As a designer I took up the task almost as a workshop. It was a refreshing sensation that works went ahead with no pause. The design results were almost immediately visible.

The house tries to take advantage of the small but cosy garden and opens its windows to this green area.

It was a sudden decision that the house should be “black”. At first sight, this choice of colour may seem to be an architectural provocation or allure, but the house in reality marmonises its environment very well.

It was a nice feeling to think only of solutions that were self-explanatory – there was no time to indulge in different variations. This is how the clear, almost archetypical mass of the house was born, with simple layout and standard structure.