Location Budapest
Client Private client
Floor area 330 m2
General designer MCXVI Architects
Leading architect designer László Herczeg
Architect Dániel Ritter
Status Completed
Project year 2016-2018
Photography Zsolt Batár

The client’s wish was a simple and moderate building. The ground floor plan follows the layout of their previous apartment, which they all liked. The upper floor was completed as an independent flat. It is currently the home of the three children but later it can be rented or sold separately. The vertically recessed, disappearing volume of the building evokes the villa architecture in Buda between the two World Wars. The facade is covered with large ceramic tiles, the energy systems and the building constructions are environmental friendly, up-to-date technologies. We used elegant and durable materials without any excessive luxury. We shaped the spaces of the building in a moderate yet homely manner, keeping the costs under control.

There was a great relationship between the client and the architect throughout the design process. The house was constructed with great care.