Location Budapest, Deák utca
Client Municipality of Rákospalota
Floor area 1 000 m2
General Designer MCXVI Architects
Architect leading designer László Herczeg
Architect, interior designer Ágota Demeter, Zita Csaba
Status Under construction

The building of the new medical centre is compact, pavilion-like. It opens to the park and closes from the roads. The yard is open, has an organic connection with the park, the entrance is also located here. The waiting room for children and nurse service, as well as the adult doctor’s waiting rooms open to this atrium. On the interior, around the atrium, there is a white glass covering the walls reflecting the park, on the facades facing the exterior, there is limestone brick. The lean and engineering appearance is countered by the abboundant presence of vegetation and the friendly, human design of the interior spaces.