Location 9th district of Budapest – Ferencváros
Client Municipality of Ferencváros
Floor area the administrative area of 9th district of Budapest
General designer MCXVI Architects
Leading architect designer László Herczeg
Mariann Fonyódi
Zsófia Paál
Sára Suri
Architect designers Bence Czirják, Tamás Fenes, Mariann Fonyódi, Zsófia Paál, Sára Suri
Status announced by the representative body by decree and resolution
Project year 2023


The complex review of the district’s town planning tools and the elements and system of local value protection necessitated a complete restructuring due to the changed legal background, the impact of recent developments and the significant size of the areas undergoing transformation and about to be transformed. The territorial scope of the review is the administrative area of 9th district of Budapest.

Ferencváros’ urban design manual covers the definition of neighborhoods with different character and their urban image recommendations, the collection of good examples, the complete assessment of the inventory of protected buildings and values, updating it with proposals, and the examination of the changes and effects that markedly influence the transformation of individual neighborhoods, keeping in mind overall Ferencváros’ existing historical, townscape and architectural values.

The district also has a significant area that will be transformed in the future, therefore the purpose of the Handbook is not only to preserve the existing values, but also to create value for the new character created in the transforming areas, to define the framework for matching the values of the district and to enforce the principles of sustainability. was given special emphasis. It was our goal that the Handbook was summarized in a transparent, usable and high aesthetic quality publication for both professional and lay users.

The revision and updating of the urban image regulation considers the changed external legislative environment, the recommendations of the Urban Design Manual of the Budapest. It was prepared considering the opinion of the competent organizational units of the Municipality of Ferencváros. The entire decree, but especially its townscape requirements chapter, was revised in accordance with the recommendations of the Handbook and the Valuation Inventory, with particular regard to territorial and individual townscape and architectural requirements, public lands, areas transferred for public use, green areas and their design, public utilities and other on the placement and design of technical equipment, as well as the rules regarding the placement of advertisements, advertising media, and the equipment that supports them.

As a result of the work, our goal was for the amended regulation to reflect the value-preserving and value-creating approach of the manual, to provide clear answers to questions arising in professional and official day-to-day use, and to be suitable for defining the framework of areas that are undergoing significant transformation.