Location Balatonfüred, Fürdő Street
Investor “Hotel Agro” Balatonfüred Szállodaipari, Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Zrt.
Floor area 20000 m2
General designer MCXVI Architects
Leading architect designer László Herczeg, Miklós Vannay DLA
Architect designers Fruzsina Fülöp, Péter Róbert Szabó, Gellért Nyitrai, Renáta Bakucz, Dávid Kálna, Zsolt Tolnai, Dávid Kiss, András Fárizs, András Ábrahám-Fúrús
Modell Csaba Bajusz
Visualization Hunot Szántó
Modell photos Bence Czirják
Landscape architect János Hómann
Structure engineer Zoltán V Nagy
Mechanical engineer Gábor Tóth
Electrical engineer László Bottyán
Status construction plan
Project year 2021-2023

The design site is the former Agro Hotel in Balatonfüred, situated between the Kéki Stream and Fürdő Street. The nearly 3-hectare area slopes from west to east and towards the lake. With a high ground water and valuable established vegetation, efforts were made to protect the existing flora when planning the placement of buildings.

By rotating the houses, two aspects were taken into consideration: the obtuse angles enclosed between the contours of the buildings aim to prevent direct views between apartments, while the interstitial expansions between the buildings create courtyards with varying degrees of intimacy and character. Public, semi-private, and private gardens, bordered by the houses, aim to meet diverse needs.

It was essential for this residential complex to address urban demands; therefore, it was envisioned not as a closed unit but as a composition of spaces with different levels of intimacy, allowing certain areas to integrate with the city through stratified layouts. The part of the plot adjacent to Fürdő Street accommodates public functions, blending into the urban fabric. Here, a promenade, shops, and communal areas find their place. The development comprises 130 apartments, each averaging 85 square meters. Every unit is a corner apartment oriented in two directions, featuring balconies that wrap around the entire perimeter of the building.