Location Gorizia, Italy
Client Town of Gorizia
Area 16 hectare
General design MCXVI Architects
Architect designers László Herczeg, Tamás János Pintér, Kata Csaba
Architect Katalin Újhelyi
Project phase Design competition, 3rd Prize
Project year 2011

The concept of the plan is to express the evident connection between the Slovenian and Italian territories with architectural means.

Within the city two sub-centers are formed. The neighborhood of Casa Rossa is a commercial centre, the long-shaped market place is also suitable for holding temporary events and fairs.

In the former hospital area, a hotel, a tourist hostel, restaurants, health services, research and indoor sports facilities were located.

The subunits were connected by pedestrian and bicycle connections. We have grouped the health functions into one place. We created a sports and recreational axis with the Slovenian sport areas along the stream.

The SGF area

The current main building could only be sustained with drastic intervention. We placed a new landmark building which orients the whole park. The building rearranges the entire park and the planned functions. The building accommodates all the functions related to young people. It is organized along a street parallel with the longitudinal axis, its spaces can be flexibly varied. It adapts to the time-changing demands while remaining compact and significant. The park is a live and pulsing event area. The colorful, varied, lively garden is ordered, disciplined by the architectural character.