Location Helsinki, Finland
Client City of Helsinki
Demolition building: 22 000 m2
environment: 109 000 m2
Construction pedestrian zone: 96 500 m2
harbour: 109 000 m2
new building: 54 500 m2
park: 15 000 m2
underground parking: 19 700 m2
General design MCXVI Architects
Leading architect designers Kata Csaba, László Herczeg, Tamás János Pintér
Architect designers Gábor Hajdu, Katalin Újhelyi
Project phase open, international design competition
Project year 2012

The Helsinki South Harbour is part of the national landscape of marine Helsinki named by the Ministry of the Environment in 1993. The aim of the competition was to create a comprehensive ideas plan for the South Harbour that could be used as a basis for the future development of the area. The competition area was the entire shore area of the South Harbour. The central location of the area, its cultural history and the passenger port are essential parts of the city identity. The client’s desire was to make the South Harbour a functional part of the city centre, which could host diverse possibilities for experiencing, making and performing urban culture. The shore area needed leisure-time services and recreational activities for the city residents and tourists.

The cultural values and importance of the South Harbour area to the city’s identity were the starting points of our design work. We reorganised  the shore area in a way that public urban space as well as possibilities for construction work were created by the sea. Two remarkable buildings were placed on the significant points of shore promenade. The busy passenger ship traffic remained in the South Harbour, however, the traffic and loading operations of the ports as well as the service traffic and parking of the entire area was made more efficient. The shore promenade covered the old line of Helsinki harbour rail. Functions of western part of harbour are primarily recreation, market, sport and relaxation. The main square could be the place of ceremonies, festivals and a digital market.