Location Budapest, Őrmező
Client BKK (Centre for Budapest Transport)
Floor area Area ‘A’: 30 000 m2
Area ‘B’: 90 000 m2
General design MCXVI Architects – TRENECON COWI Consortium
Leading architect designer László Herczeg
Architect designers Kata Csaba, Gábor Hajdu, Tamás János Pintér, Katalin Újhelyi
Transportation TRENECON COWI – Jenő Keresztes
Project phase Design Competition, Finalist
Project year 2013

The underground station and the large residential area assume a local sub centre. However, the task was to establish a P+R parking lot and a bus station. Therefore the main issue of the competition was how to make the city’s structural features as synchronized as possible with the practical requirements of the competition call. How can a P+R parking lot and a bus terminal function as a local sub centre?

The utilization of the building site was divided into two phases. At the first stage, the bus terminal and the P+R parking lot would have been completed. Instead of forming a standalone car park, we used the top of the bus terminal as a parking lot, which could mean significant cost savings. The spaces around the building were subordinated to the bus traffic. The passenger usage of the house is under the ground and is organized around the atrium which was cut into the building. We thought that the complete heating, cooling and ventilation of the terminal building was exaggerated due to the inadequate economic environment. For this reason, we have designed a building which can be constructed and operated economically with a large solar panel park on the top that can also be used to charge electric buses.

The second phase of the project was the construction of the local sub centre. However the new buildings cannot be mono-functional (just offices).  It should be built mixing accommodation, services, offices and cultural features. In the first place, the existing local traffic directions divide the area and a traditional street-square layout is formed. This divided the area into blocks. We adjusted the height of the blocks to the nearby houses and dormitory. The intensity and sign-like character required for a centre was achieved with the high urban density.



Intermodal hub, Őrmező – Építészfó (HU)