Location Veszprém, Vár utca 39.
Investor Castellum Vagyonkezelő Igazgatóság
Floor area 1200 m2
General designer MCXVI Architects
Leading architect designer László Herczeg
Project architects Evelin Kiss-Serfőző, Gergely Galántai
Architect designers Janka Kérdy, Bercel Dózsa
Photos Tamás Vörös DLA
Status Under construction
Project year 2021-2023

The house built in the first decades of the 18th century, was built by the reading canon Imre Körmendy for his own use, which later underwent several changes in its function. The Archdiocese of Veszprém aimed to revitalize the listed Körmendy House, which was returned to its ownership, and to create new functions in it. The building, as one of the main elements of the Vári ensemble, is of particular importance. During the renovation, it becomes open to the community by receiving a museum or catering function.

On the basement level, there were several public spaces – visual stone storage, visitors’ water blocks – and service spaces. On the ground floor, we placed the spaces of the catering unit – initially a café, later a restaurant – and, in addition, the museum pedagogic workshops, helping the museum function. Passing through the bottom of the gate, you can reach the courtyard, where you can enjoy the special view and the renovated garden in the outdoor dining areas. The exhibition spaces were located on the first floor. The service spaces necessary for the operation of the museum were moved to the attic level: offices, artefact warehouses, restoration workshops, and mechanical spaces.

In terms of architectural design, the character of the existing building is decisive, the external appearance will not be significantly changed. Our aim is to restore interventions from the last century and present the former Baroque phase authentically. The contemporary element appearing on the courtyard facades, an opal glass illuminator, refers to the functional change that took place in the building.