Location Budapest, Ferihegy
Client Budapest Airport Rt.
Floor area 150 000 m2
General design MCXVI Architects
Architect designers László Herczeg, Gábor Szokolyai
Model Mariann Szőke
Project phase Design competition, 4th Prize
Project year 2004

It can be expected from an airport that is a gate of a country to become a symbol by its architectural shapes. A building of this magnitude must be in the form of spiritual radiation that creates associations. Not one, but in almost every observer, starting a sense of emotional attachment to the house.

The circle, the ring road, the cylinder are ancient architectural forms. The circle appeared in many ancient cultures as the symbol of the sun, the symbol of life. Often the nature itself uses this format as well. The geometric laws between the smallest circumference and the largest area, and between the largest surface and the smallest volume can be used in many ways in nature. The most important invention of man is the wheel, which allowed the rapid development of technology. The operation of all rotary motion machines is due to this discovery – both cars and airplanes. The circle draws a piece out of the world, delimits the interior from the exterior while determining the center of its environment. It becomes an organizing force and provides a benchmark as a sure point.

The geometry of the rays leading to the origin and the concentric circles of different radius, both functionally and aesthetically and symbolically, are considered an archetype of architecture.

Flying is an amazing example of man’s innovation capability. The building that is serving the aviation must mediate mutual respect between nature and human creativity. The building planned by us will represent both human beings and the celebration of the triumph of technical civilization at the same time.

The circle is also very useful for editing a parking garage in practical terms. The traffic circle gives transparency to the inner traffic. The tremendous radius allows terminals to attach to this central building.

The giant cylinder is shaped to include other functions besides the parking lot, such as shops, restaurants, office blocks, etc. The inside of the cylinder also serves as a closed terminal.