Location Törökbálint
Client Municipality of Törökbálint
Floor area 2560 m2
General designer MCXVI Architects
Leading architect designer László Herczeg
Architect Kata Csaba, Ágota Demeter, Anna Szuhányi
Status Invitational design competition
Project year 2015

The Municipality of Törökbálint issued an invitational design competition for the design of the new Town Hall. One of the greatest values of the town is the remaining healthy natural environment. In order to enhance this, we placed the new town hall in the focal point of the old and new spatial and natural elements of the town. We created a new main square along the main street where an open-closed space can temporarily host the local market. We searched for connection with the nearby Calvary, the Cultural Centre and the leisure park formed around the new lake, which was created by swelling the stream.

According to the design program, the house is primarily and almost exclusively an office building. We strived to make the building organization clear, easy to see, and to connect it with its surroundings. We believe that the directions of traffic and the position of the entrance should be easily recognizable. The facades of the building were opened with large glass surfaces and the house was made completely transparent around the inner courtyard. The volume of the house was relaxed with terraces.

On the facade of the building, we would like to use as much of the materials of the demolished buildings as possible. The present town hall was built of stone from Sóskút, which would be used on the facade of the new building as well. We placed a fine-woven metal mesh in front of the windows to prevent insight and to provide shading.