Location Okorág
Client Private client
Floor area 160 m2
General designer MCXVI Architects
Leading architect designer László Herczeg
Architect Gábor Hajdu, Dániel Szabó
Status Construction plan
Project year 2017-

The site is located in the Ormánság region north-east of the centre of Okorág, on the island surrounded by four fishponds. The client’s wish was to build a four-room guesthouse. A typical feature of the local architecture is the use of the covered porch. We used this ancient, well functioning tradition translated to the contemporary architectural language to form the volume of the house.

We strived for transparency and clarity in the interior spaces. Entering the building, we arrive in the community space of the living room and the kitchen, from where a corridor leads to the four apartments and the service block. The covered porch can function as an extension of the living area during the summer and transition periods. As a continuation of the porch that connects the three blocks of the house, we have designed a pier over the reeds. The pier, a definite gesture to tighten the relationship with nature, is placed on the amorphous surface of the lake.

We strived for simplicity in the use of materials. There are plenty of demolished building materials available in the area. The planned one-storey volume gets a reused brick facade and we covered the wall surfaces between the openings with reused wooden planks. The roof is made of authentic reed, typical in this region.