Location Dörgicse
Investor private client
Floor area 200 m2
General designer MCXVI Architects
Leading architect designer Gábor Szokolyai
Project architect Gábor Hajdu
Architect designers Anna Szuhányi, Zsófia Szántay, Piroska Varga
Landscape architect Karolin Bán
Structure engineer László Szőnyi
Mechanical engineer Láaszló Kolarovszki
Electrical engineer Zoltán Üveges
Status completed
Project year 2015
Construction 2018

Before planting the vine cuttings, a large amount of basalt stones were plowed up during soil preparation, which were collected in a pile. On the very first site visit, its enormous size was surprising. In the landscape created by former volcanoes, viticulture took place even in the time of the Romans. There are also three ruined medieval churches in the vicinity of the settlement. All were built from nearby stone.

The two building parts of the guest house have a traditional, simple mass design. They close the courtyard from the public, which is an external experience space, where the exceptional beauty of the landscape can be experienced with our whole being. The basalt covered walls and strapped board shutters also represent the archaic character.