Location Székesfehérvár
Client Videoton FC
Floor area 12 000 m2
General design S.A.M.O. Tervező és Ingatlanfejlesztő Kft.
Managing Director Győző Kókány
Architect designer in charge Ágnes Streit
Project architects Oktávián ifj. Burits, László Gábor Péterfy
Interior design MCXVI Architects
Leading interior designer Gábor Szokolyai
Team leader interior designers Gábor Hajdu, Dénes Kovács
Interior designers Zita Csaba, Ágota Demeter, Katalin Imre
Status Under construction
Project year 2014-

The planned Sóstói Videoton football stadium is a multifunctional building, meeting modern requirements, which includes a lot of very demanding, technically designed spaces. However, they have to keep coherence with each other and with the building itself.
The characteristic element of the façade is the triangular or zigzag pattern of the enourmous supporting sturcture. This motif system was also brought into the interior. This is manifested primarily in lighting distribution and its supporting structure, but it can also be found in wall coverings. From the honest undertaking of the existing load-bearing structure we want to take advantage in the interior spaces, to strengthen the space-forming element of it.
There is a nature reservation area next to the stadium. Despite its loaded environmental condition, Sóstó has a distinctive wildlife, and there is a nature trail running along the area. A visitor centre is located in the building of the stadium, where also biology classes can be held for schools.