Location Budapest
Client Wing Zrt.
Floor area 100 000 m2
General design MCXVI Architects
Architect designers Tamás Mórocz, Gábor Szokolyai
Architect Mónika Weichinger
Project phase Invitational design competition
Project year 2012

Our goal was to create an architectural appearance that is linked to the architectural heritage of the city with fresh, delicate threads. The use of gold colour, gives a historical interpretation. It has been frequently used for example, in the ages of the Hungarian Art Nouveau. There is no more expressive color for value resistance. The plan, despite a large number of offices, aims to create a humane, stimulating, rich, livable and lovable environment.

The gently “blazing” emphasized frames, like mirrors or faces, appear in both the cityscape and the promenade. The office building dedicated as the headquarters marks the northern peak of the site and also functions as its gate building. It also serves as the introduction to the inner exploration road of the site with its open couartyard. The tracts of the building are turning towards the Gellert Hill. This is the main direction, but the view is excellent in all directions. This is also referred by the black-and-gold “faces”, which look in all directions, creating a privileged position in shaping the building.

The additional office buildings are less pronounced in architectural design than building “A”, but are similar in their toolbox and quality. The facades facing the Danube with slight rotations and retreats show sweeping pictures of both the shore and the promenade.

The proximity of the Danube determines the location. The exceptional quality of the beach is that the Danube can be accessed directly, without being disconnected by a highway, tramway or HÉV track. From this point of view, the planned walkway is thought to be an integral part of the whole concept. The planned buildings create a diverse backdrop and a space for the promenade, while the streets and courtyards between them link the interior parkland.